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Invasive Species Biology and Ecology in a Landscape Context
Sarah Reichard, University of Washington

Impacts of Invasive Species on Natural Resources and Fire Ecology
Shawna Bautista, USDA Forest Service

Department of Defense Management of Invasive Species
Valerie Vartanian, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

Aquatic Invasive Species in the Northwest US: Impacts to Systems
Mark Sytsma and Robyn Draheim, Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, Portland State University

Climate Change and Invasive Species: Case Studies of Climate Change Adaptations
Jeff Dukes, Purdue University

Planning for Climate Change at a Department of Defense Facility: A Case Study
Valerie Vartanian, NAVFAC

Invasive Insects and Pathogens in the Northwest US: Pest Pathways, Prevention, Impacts and Management
Mark Hitchcox and Gary Brown, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)


Introduction to an Adaptive Management Framework: Goals, Objectives, and Assessing the Situation
Mandy Tu

Assessing an Invasive Species Situation: Inventory, Survey, and Mapping
Kim Edvarchuk, Utah State University

Adaptive Management Framework: Strategies and Priorities
Mandy Tu

Case Study from Camp Adair, Oregon: What Are Your Management Priorities?
Bill Vagt, Oregon Military Department, Oregon Army National Guard, Environmental Branch

The "Path-ology" of Invasion: Managing Vectors
Paul Heimowitz, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region

Introduction to Invasive Terrestrial and Emergent Plants, and Early Detection and Rapid Response of New Plant Invaders in the Northwest US
Tania Siemens, Oregon Sea Grant


Management of Invasive Plants: Tools and Techniques Session

Management of Invasive Plants: Control Tools and Techniques
Steve Manning, Invasive Plant Control, Inc.

Developing Bid Specifications for Invasive Plant Control Work
Steve Manning, Invasive Plant Control, Inc.

Demonstration: Web Tools
Steve Manning, Invasive Plant Control, Inc.

Missouri River Watershed Coalition EDDMapS
Liz Galli-Noble, Center for Invasive Species Management

Working Partnerships and Communications Session

Working with States to Develop Invasive Species Partnerships in the Pacific Northwest
Greg Haubrich, Washington State Department of Agriculture

Combatting Invasive Species
La Donna Carlisle, USDI Bureau of Indian Affairs, Northern Region (Oregon)

Tribal Strategies for Natural Resource/Noxious Weed Management
Rob McCoy, Makah Tribe, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Implementing Noxious Weed Management in Tribal, County, State, and Federal Multi-jurisdictional Settings
Virgil Dupuis, Salish Kootenai College (Montana)

Proactive Invasive Species Prevention and Management: State and Regional Collaboration
Lisa DeBruyckere, Oregon Invasive Species Council

Coordinating Aquatic (and other) Invasive Species Partnerships at the Regional and National Scale
Paul Heimowitz, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region (Oregon)

Federal, State, and Private Partnerships with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management
Shawna Bautista, USDA Forest Service (Oregon)