EDDMapS West

In September 2010, the MRWC and the Center for Invasive Species Management launched EDDMapS West (formerly known as MRWC-EDDMapS), an invasive species reporting and data management system for the Missouri River Watershed region and surrounding western states. Developed and hosted by the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at the University of Georgia, EDDMapS West provides a means of reporting new sightings of select invasive species, a mechanism to alert appropriate individuals to the reports, and generates distribution maps for reported species.

Online invasive species reporting using EDDMapS West is simple and free. Users complete a reporting form with details about the sighting, including size, location (via Google Maps or GPS coordinates), images, and contact information. When the user hits the Submit button, the report is instantly sent to the respective state weed coordinator, who then begins the verification process. Verified reports are incorporated into a database that combines both local and national data, including data from invasive species mapping projects in other states and regions.

It is going to take all of us—land owners, land managers, outdoor enthusiasts, and concerned citizens—working together and sharing information, to keep ahead of new invasive species threats. EDDMapS West is quick, easy to use, and freely available to anyone concerned with invasive species in the Missouri River Watershed region and the western U.S.

Get started by registering at: www.eddmaps.org/west

On-the-Go Reporting

The free EDDMapS West app allows users to report invasive species sightings instantly from the field.

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EDDMapS Webinar Training

EDDMapS Webinar Training