Noxious Weed Trust Fund Video


Center for Invasive Species Management, Montana Department of Agriculture, Montana Statewide Noxious Weed Awareness and Education Campaign, Montana Weed Control Association, and Montana State University Extension

Project Summary

The video, Success Stories From Montana's Noxious Weed Trust Fund highlights the fund's activities in the areas of research, education, and management.

The Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund grant program was established by the 1985 Montana Legislature to provide funding for the development and implementation of weed management programs; provide for research and development of innovative weed management techniques, including biological control; and to support educational and other research projects that benefit Montana citizens. The grant program is designed to assist counties, local communities, researchers, and educators in their efforts to solve a variety of weed problems in Montana.

The program provides cost-share funding for local cooperative weed management areas and education and research projects, including non-chemical research and demonstration programs. Funding is generally through a government entity (local weed district, conservation district, extension office, or university). Assistance in writing a grant proposal is provided through your local government entity. The Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund Advisory Council reviews applications, hears applicant testimony, and recommends funding to the Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture. Final funding is approved by the Director.

Watch the Video

Click the play arrow (on the left of the toolbar below the image) to view Success Stories From Montana's Noxious Weed Trust Fund. Approximate running time is 20 minutes.

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Video Credits

With: Jim Story, Amber Burch, Todd Breitenfeldt, Hal Harper

Executive Producers: Dave Burch, Montana Department of Agriculture; Elizabeth Galli-Noble, Center for Invasive Species Management; Carla Hoopes, Montana Statewide Noxious Weed Awareness and Education Campaign; Becky Kington, Montana Weed Control Association; Jane Mangold, Montana State University Extension

A Boze Angeles Production:
Produced and Directed by: Elliott Kennerson
Second Unit: Jim Tharp
Field Sound: Parker Brown
Assistant Editor: Devon Riter
Music: Henry Gorman, Jeremy Sherman, Dan Phillipson, Dan Gautreau

Copyright 2009