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Webinar Instructors

Dr. George Beck

Colorado State University

Dr. George Beck is a Professor in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management at Colorado State University. His appointment is split between Cooperative Extension, teaching, and the Agricultural Experiment Station. He has been at CSU for 27 years.

George works exclusively on invasive weeds, conducting research to develop management systems to reclaim infested areas in pasture, rangeland, natural areas, and non-crop settings, and teaching an undergraduate course in weed ecology and management. George also has spent considerable time helping to develop public policy on invasive weeds—at the state and national levels by helping to write weed laws, and by making annual trips to Washington, DC to educate the federal government and Congress. George served on the Invasive Species Advisory Committee for the National Invasive Species Council for six years and currently serves on several advisory committees for the state of Colorado.

Dr. Allan Felsot

Professor and Extension Specialist
Washington State University

Dr. Felsot is a Professor and Extension Specialist at Washington State University. His research and Extension interests include: hazard assessments of transgenic crops; pesticide drift and buffer zone design; reduction of insecticide application rates using new sprayer technologies; enhanced biodegradation of pesticides; remediation of pesticide waste in soil; best management practices for controlling agrochemical movement to surface and ground water; analytical chemistry of pesticide residues in soil, water, and food; pesticide toxicology; regulations; and risk communication. Dr. Felsot teaches a graduate course entitled "Applied Environmental Toxicology," and also team teaches the course, "Pesticides: Toxicology and Modes of Action."

Dr. Allan McGinty

Professor and Extension Specialist Emeritus
Texas A&M University

Dr. McGinty is a Professor and Extension Range Specialist with Texas A&M University. He joined the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in 1979, working at the Texas A&M University Research and Extension Center in Fort Stockton until 1994 when he transferred to the Research and Extension Center in San Angelo. Dr. McGinty was promoted to Professor in 1993. His extension program is concerned with providing educational opportunities in the area of rangeland ecology and management for youth and adults in the area he serves. He also provides professional development training for County Extension Agents.

The current focus of his Extension result demonstration/applied research program includes documentation of treatment life following control of creosotebush, tarbush and catclaw spp., individual plant treatment techniques for control of mesquite and juniper, and toxic plant control. His educational programs have concentrated on stocking rate management, ranch decision making and long term ranch sustainability.

Dr. Brian Mealor

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
University of Wyoming

Dr. Mealor's Extension, research, and teaching program focuses on: investigating long-term impacts of non-native invasive weeds on native plant communities; developing and improving management strategies to reduce the ecological and economic impacts of invasive weeds; and understanding the inherent resilience of native populations to biological invasion. His work is done primarily in extensively-managed rangelands in the western United States.

Dr. Roger Sheley

USDA Agricultural Research Service

As a rangeland ecologist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Burns, Oregon, Dr. Sheley's research focus is on the development of an ecologically-based decision model to manage invasive plants. He has extensive research and practical experience in managing invasive species throughout western rangelands. Prior to his current position with ARS, Dr. Sheley was an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at Montana State University in Bozeman.

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