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Progress in Development of a Modified Australian WRA System to Predict Weediness
of Plant Species Introduced into Canada
Alec McClay
McClay Ecoscience (Canada)
Development of a Weed Risk Assessment Model to Assess Plants for their
Invasive Potential before Being Imported into the United States
Tony Koop
Risk Analyst
US Department of Agriculture
A First Attempt to Eradicate a Quarantined Weed in Mexico:
The Example of Polygonum convolvulus in Guanajuato
Heike Vibrans
Colegio de Postgraduados en Ciencias Agrícolas (Mexico)
Anthropogenic Dispersal Corridors Override Large-scale Natural Disturbance
in Determining Distribution of a Widespread Invasive Grass (Imperata cylindrica)
Gary Ervin
Department of Biological Sciences, Mississippi State University
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