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Assessing the Invasive Potential of Miscanthus Biofeedstocks in Illinois
David Matlaga
Post-doctoral Researcher
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Google Street View: A New Online Tool with Potential Application to Roadside Invasive Species Detection and Monitoring
David Mazerolle
Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
NAWMA Update
Greg Hensel
North American Weed Management Association (US)
Invasive Weed Control and Ecosystem Restoration Using Integrated Vegetation Management
Rick Johnstone
IVM Partners, Inc. (US)
Sustaining Cooperative Weed Management Areas in the Long-term
Susan Donaldson
Water Quality Education Specialist
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Weeds Cross Borders Project: United States-Canada Collaboration
Sheilah Kennedy
S-K Environmental (US)
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