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From Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States to
Invasive Plant Atlas of North America?
Jil Swearingen
IPM & Invasive Species Coordinator
US National Park Service
Using the National Invasive Species System as a Tool for Predicting Plant Invasions
Ana Isabel González
Invasive Species Analyst
CONABIO (Mexico)
More Eyes, Less Weeds: The Park County Volunteer EDRR Strike Team
Bob Parsons
Park County Weed & Pest Control District, Wyoming
Early Detection of Invasive Species: A National Park Service Approach
Jennifer Stingelin Keefer
Invasive Species Early Detection Coordinator
US National Park Service
New Rules: Update on the United States Federal Noxious Weed Regulatory Program
Alan Tasker
National Noxious Weed Program Manager
USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
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