Weed Prevention Areas: Protecting Montana from Invasive Weeds
Prioritize Weed Threats

Prioritizing weed threats begin with stakeholder meetings to design the prevention program. Local weed experts, field ecologists, and ranchers prioritize noxious weeds on the basis of competitive abilities, ease of transport, and presence in nearby sites or neighboring counties.

Prevention actions are site-specific and originate from participants to ensure project ownership and implementation. The weeds threatening to invade new sites in eastern Montana largely include leafy spurge, spotted, diffuse, and Russian knapweed, Dalmatian and yellow toadflax, whitetop, and saltcedar (right). These weeds are featured in the “Weed Alert” series, published by Montana State University Extension (below).

Watch Out for Weeds Publications

Click on a publication below to download a pdf version.

  1. Houndstongue
    Watch Out for Houndstongue
  2. Knapweed
    Watch Out for Knapweed
  3. Leafy spurge
    Watch out for leafy spurge
  4. Saltcedar
    Watch Out for Saltcedar
  5. Toadflax
    Watch Out for Toadflax
  6. Yellow starthistle
    Watch out for Yellow Starthistle
  7. Whitetop
    Watch Out for Whitetop

saltcedar plant
Many riparian ecosystems in eastern Montana still remain free of saltcedar. Photo: S. Dewey, Utah State University, Bugwood.org

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